Where the blame lies.

*Trigger warning – this post contains references to rape, please consider your well-being before reading.

After previewing Listen to Your Selfie, I watched it again with our children, always interested in their feedback on resources. Near the end, the young girl hesitates as


A Thorn by Any Other Name….

Trigger Note: This blog discusses sexual assault which some might find triggering. Please prioritise your own well-being when choosing whether to continue reading – only you know what feels safe for you.

Involved with planning a project on sexual violence has led to numerous discussions


In the Doghouse

Heard anyone lately saying “I’d lose my head if it wasn’t attached”, “Only have myself to blame” or “Could have kicked myself”? The last one is particularly sad; can you imagine if we responded to everyone else’s errors with physical aggression/violence in the


Self-Belief – It’s an Inside Job!

A quick survey to begin with…..

Hands up if you are confident?

Hands up if you feel confident?

Hands up if you know someone who is confident?

Hands up if you think that person would put their hand up to the first or second questions?


Achilles, Strength and Vulnerability

As lover of Twitter, I see many positive, supportive messages/memes every day which highlight “strength” and “vulnerability”. I recently began pondering these two words and what they actually mean. Are strength and vulnerability, in the context of a person’s emotional state of being, completely opposing


Truth and Its Companion, Untruth

**Trigger warning: contains a few sentences on domestic violence

Having bought a box of Christmas cards this week with unbridled, excited anticipation for the festive season (sorry), awareness dawned the Father Christmas conversation is again afoot. A culture of “believe” is promoted in our house.


Sex & Damaging Attitudes – Hear Them; Challenge Them; Change Them

Headlines today focus on children’s worrying attitudes towards relationships and sexual interactions. Distressing, though unsurprising, girls are subject to “sexual harassment” in schools. Challenging this needs to be a co-ordinated approach beginning with children’s voices while examining messages around them shaping those views.


Feeling Starstruck

Apart from a few What’s App messages, I choose not to use social media. Except Twitter; I like Twitter. Oh, let’s be honest – I completely adore Twitter! Most Twitter interactions are related to my professional interests and most people I connect with are linked


A Person’s A Person…

After a chat with a friend about a child we both know (not professionally), I felt concerned for the child & telephoned a professional in another agency* regarding the concern. Considered a “professional” at work, I called as a member of public. I was asked


Resilience vs. Resignation

As a word, I like it: “Resilience.” The dictionaries define it as:

“the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.”

Oxford Dictionaries online

“an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change”

Merriam-Webster online