Resilience vs. Resignation

As a word, I like it: “Resilience.” The dictionaries define it as:

“the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.”

Oxford Dictionaries online

“an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change”

Merriam-Webster online


When “Challenging” feels VERY challenging

Most would likely agree that development of a culture which enables professionals to challenge the actions, practice, decisions or opinions of others as needed, in relation to safeguarding children, is essential. Even so, challenging, in this context, can feel very difficult. At the extreme end,


“That’s for girls”

Asked by a colleague to help address some discussions emerging in her setting from children with increasingly entrenched gender-based ideas around play, I created a small-group activity to challenge their thinking. I gathered objects in pairs that could be perceived as gender specific – two


Doing something, not nothing.

Woken early by the sound of loud thinking in my mind, it made sense to update this blog using the time productively.

It has been an amazing week, meeting some incredibly dedicated professionals across all agencies, and learning from them. Training Early Years professionals in


Safeguarding Children – on the same wavelength?….

We recently enjoyed a few days as a family in Copenhagen, Denmark between Christmas and New Year – a festive, Scandinavian city-break.

With work in mind as ever, I felt intrigued about Denmark’s safeguarding children provision. Arriving in the city centre, I watched a parent


A Catalogue?….or a CSE Learning Activity Developed by a Child?

Arriving home at 7.30pm, I popped upstairs to tuck in our two youngest children. Our middle daughter was lying in bed with a couple of Christmas catalogues which had come through the door that day, having picked them up off the mat, saving me a


Feed the Birds

Shopping recently with the youngest child who loves animals and nature, we purchased/acquired a bird-feeder and a bag of birdseed that she had quietly put in the trolley, unnoticed. Once home, feeling enthusiastic about getting the new ‘kit’ operational – a true network person for


Is it just breakfast cereal?…..

An early Saturday morning start with the smallest person in our house often finds us wandering about the local supermarket, conveniently open 24/6 giving ‘early birds’ (as we are often labelled) somewhere to amuse ourselves. Last Saturday, enjoying a leisurely dawn stroll around the supermarket,


Wet cake and swimming costumes….

Feeling rather unsure how to title this entry, though knowing the two issues I definitely want to write about, I can hopefully explain my choice of subject line….

I read an article recently which can be found here which is a story of a


Can We Talk About CSE ?

On May 22nd, the CSE Online Toolkit for Northamptonshire was launched at a conference attended by over 600 professionals from across all agencies. The day helped enable lots of talking about CSE which affects so many children, and has done for so decades. I hope