Practitioner Services

I like to believe children of all ages can learn about and play with the Protective Behaviours process. I have done lots of work with children in Early Years and in primary schools across both key stages, exploring the two themes which comprise the core process.  In my experience, children can:

  • Discuss a range of feelings and help each other to extend their vocabulary to describe their feelings;
  • Talk about feeling safe and develop a safe place in their minds;
  • Identify and describe their early warning signs;
  • Explore the 7 Strategies in PBs, and how the children can use them to keep themselves feeling safe;
  • Independently define who is on their network and review their networks regularly.

As well as providing training for staff, I can provide direct Protective Behaviours input for schools and early years settings.  The input can include one-to-one, child-led sessions,  focussing on the parts of the process the child perhaps needs the most as a starting point.  As well, small group work can be fun, ensuring the children in the group are at a similar stage of development as each other.  I have also done whole class teaching; Protective Behaviours fits beautifully in both the PSED area of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum guidance, and the PSHE curriculum guidance for key stages 1 & 2.

My hope is that all children who explore the Protective Behaviours process can develop the skills which can help themselves to feel safe, and can feel empowered to access their network when they don’t feel safe, seeking input from an adult who will listen to them, believe them and do something to help.

I can provide bespoke services, keyed into the needs of a child, a setting or the staff, either doing direct work with one or more children, supporting staff who may or may not have had PB training, or a combination of both models.  I have a current DBS check which is registered with the update service.  Please contact me to discuss specific requirements, or talk through the range of possibilities in terms of how Protective Behaviours might be implemented in your school or setting.