Growing up as a daughter of two parents who trained and worked as social workers, and whose friends were all social workers I gained an understanding of child abuse, neglect, child protection and the social care system from a very young age. Later, in my professional role as a teacher, I attended regular basic safeguarding awareness training and continued to develop my subject knowledge and practice further through extra training in specialist areas. As a school governor, I’ve served Lead Governor for Safeguarding at two schools for over eight years, contributing to policy development, and overseeing the monitoring of safeguarding at both schools.

I trained as a Designated Safeguarding Lead in school in 2012.  The role includes supporting school staff, raise awareness among colleagues and families, and working in an integrated capacity with partner agencies. This provided me the opportunity to contribute towards stronger safeguarding and child protection practice, and ultimately, work towards better outcomes for children and families experiencing challenges.

I became a member of the Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children Board in 2014 and served for four years. Keeping my knowledge current in safeguarding, I attend training and conferences regularly. I have spoken and delivered workshops about safeguarding around the country at amazing conferences including Optimus Education and BLAST. Above all, I am extremely passionate about effective multi-agency partnership working, and finding ways to enhance safeguarding work where professionals work together with the child at the centre, and the child’s voice both audible and central to the process at all times.